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Yonge Corridor Condominium Association (YCCA) is the association of condominium corporations on and around Yonge Street within the boundaries of Highway 401 to the south, Cummer/Drewry Avenues to the north, Greenview Ave./Beecroft Road to the west and Kenneth Avenue to the east in the City of Toronto, Ontario.

This coverage area matches that of the "Toronto: North York Urban Growth Centre," one of the only five centres designated by the Province of Ontario within the boundaries of the Greater Toronto Area for urban intensification in the "Places to Grow Act" of 2005.

With some 100 existing condominium buildings and many others in various phases of planning and construction, the YCCA coverage area is already the densest condominium centre in Canada.

Our Goals and Mission

YCCA strives to assist member corporations in improving the quality of life of condominium dwellers in the area and to enhance the condominium property values in a strategic and sustainable way.

To do so, YCCA seeks to facilitate the exchange of ideas and best practices among members, to express the concerns of condominium owners and residents and to engage various levels of government in a non-partisan way to improve the quality of municipal services rendered to the condo properties in the area.


Due to the rapid growth of condominium buildings, many challenges confront condo owners and residents in this area, from traffic congestion to access to schooling, public art, parks and recreational facilities. The boards of directors of condominium corporations in our area came to the age-old wisdom that strength lies in unity and and ability to speak with a strong single voice concerning our common needs. Thus the Association was formed in 2000, under the presidency of Charles Brown, with the main goal of advocacy for a Ring Road to take congestion off Yonge Street, with Beecroft Road on the west and Doris Avenue on the east. Both have since been extended north beyond Finch Avenue. In 2004, when Michael Baker became president, the Association took on a wider purview. In 2005, Anne-Marie Ambert became interim president. In 2007, Dr. Mel Katzman reinvigorated the YCCA and under his leadership a new executive was formed, with a new drive to recruit more members. In this period, the Association's membership met two or three times a year to confront, among other issues, unfair taxation of multi-level (as opposed to street-level) property. The Association also persuaded the provincial and municipal governments to co-fund a feasibility study for ways to relieve congestion at Yonge and 401 whose first phase has been completed.

In 2012 the YCCA Executive appointed Andrew Simon as President. A Lobbying Committee was formed to lead our efforts in this domain, most prominently on the topics of Yonge-401 interchange and traffic congestion, overcrowding of schools in Willowdale, and unchecked and poorly planned development.

In 2015 the YCCA Executive appointed Pedram Rahbari as President.

In 2017 a Community Building Committee was formed to facilitate exchange of ideas and best practices in the efforts of the boards and active residents in fostering communities in condos.


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"If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading!" ~ Lao Tzu

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