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It's about improving and enhancing

Join YCCA to take part in shaping the future of our community, in improving our quality of life, and in enhancing our property values. These are our common goals as condo owners and dwellers. The condo fees and taxes we pay are spent to that end. But do they go as far as they could? We members of the YCCA strive to do the best we possibly can to make sure that happens.

For the smaller community of a single condo building, the key to success is for us to share and exchange ideas, experiences and best practices. In the wider community which is our area of coverage, improvement is achieved  by expressing our common concerns through a united voice and by engaging the various levels of government to hear our messages and serve us meaningfully.

It's about expressing and engaging

Improving the quality of municipal services, from infrastructure to traffic initiatives to proper allocation of resources, and ensuring a more equitable treatment of taxation for multi-level properties are all matters that take place over rather long time horizons and require the involvement of various levels of government. As such, if things are not to be left to their own inertia and politics as usual, condominium corporations need to apply a massive amount of a massive amount of pressure and do so consistently over time to achieve the intended results

Strength is in numbers and in speaking with one firm voice. YCCA does not engage in partisan politics, but will provide an open forum for members to express and debate their views and, after consensus is reached on the major topics of interest, will engage politicians and policy-makers in a constructive manner to advance the interests of tens of thousands of condo residents.

It's about sharing and exchanging

Join the YCCA to tap into a wealth of experience and knowledge in our community. Although property management companies, to varying degrees, have much valuable experience and know-how when it comes to running condominiums, there is no guarantee that each individual property manager possesses all of that know-how and, more importantly, most do not have the exact same concerns and specific point of view of board members.

YCCA's function is not to replace property managers, but to
 provide a forum for board members to share their
experiences, exchange ideas and then choose what
they find best for their particular buildings.


How does YCCA do this?

We share and exchange ideas through various meetings, open to board members of member corporations. In some meetings, outside speakers are invited to address a topic of interest.  These speakers range from industry experts to elected policymakers and government officials and the sessions allow a more direct interaction with those involved in specific areas of interest or concern.

YCCA has also undertaken an ambitious project to develop an advanced online resource base for members that will further facilitate interactions and will include, among others, a knowledge base of various topics of interest to members.

The same meeting formats allow us to express and engage multiple levels of government. But in addition to that, a "lobby" group has been formed in the YCCA executive committee that directly engages elected politicians at all levels.

You might be the missing link! Why not join?

The next step is simple! Go to the Membership page and fill the registration form online, or download the Membership Form, print, fill and mail.

Don't forget that you have to submit your $100 cheque for membership dues to the treasurer.

If you have any questions, simply contact us! We'll be glad to answer any questions you might have about YCCA. We might even arrange to meet up with you at a mutually convenient time and place.

You can either email any of the executive members or use the general enquiries form on the contact page.

Don't procrastinate!

"If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading!" ~ Lao Tzu

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